About Typ

Typ is an analysis institute with specialized knowledge on the functionality of typefaces. We use evidence-based test methods to measure the effect of typefaces on the reader, thus helping our clients validate decisions and make informed choices about typography.


Peter Graabæk – partner og administrativ ansvarlig

Peter Graabæk
Partner and administrator

Peter Graabæk is a trained communication designer from the Danish School of Design and has many years of experience in developing communication and typography designs. His practical design experience helps identify client's needs and guide projects towards optimal results.

Sofie Beier – partner og research-ansvarlig

Sofie Beier, PhD
Partner and research manager

Sofie Beier is an internationally recognized researcher in typeface legibility and professor WSR at the Royal Danish Academy. She has a long career in academic research and is the author of several books and numerous academic articles on typography and legibility.

Selected academic articles

Beier, S. & Oderkerk, C.A.T. (2019). ‘Smaller Visual Angles Show Greater Benefit of Letter Boldness than Larger Visual Angles’. Acta Psychologica 199 (August): 102904. 1–8.

Beier, S. & Oderkerk, C.A.T. (2019) ‘The effect of age and font on reading ability’, Visible Language, 53.3, 51–69.

Beier, S., Bernard, J.B. & Castet, E. (2018) ‘Numeral legibility and visual complexity’, Proceedings of DRS2018, Design Research Society, vol. 5, 1841-1854, Limerick, 25th-28th June.

Beier, S, Starrfelt, R. & Sand, K. (2017) ‘Legibility Implications of Embellished Display Typefaces’, Visible Language, 51.1, 112-132.

Dyson, M. & Beier, S. (2016) ’Investigating typographic differentiation: Italics are more subtle than bold for emphasis’, Information Design Journal, 22(1), 3-18.

Beier, S. (2016) ’Designing legible fonts for distance reading’, in: Digital Fonts and Reading, Book series on Language Processing, Pattern Recognition, and Intelligent Systems, M. C. Dyson and C. Y. Suen (eds.), World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd, vol. 1, Chapter 5, 75-89.

Book publishing

Beier, S. (2017) Type Tricks: Your Personal Guide to Type Design, BIS Publishers, 1–216 (oversat til Kinesisk, Koreansk og Spansk).

Beier, S. (2012) Reading Letters: designing for legibility, BIS Publishers, 1–190.