Typ A

Typ A: Test of font: readability or brand value
You can choose to compare a newly developed typeface with a previous or current typeface in a readability or brand value test, or you can choose to test the readability or brand value in different versions of early drafts of a new typeface under development.

Setting up test material and coordination of subjects

Conducting reading tests or tests with semantic differentiation scales

Statistical analysis of test material

Final Typ A test report

Typ B

Typ B: Typeface evaluation
Have the readability of a typeface evaluated based on already documented research-based knowledge. The report provides recommendations for ways in which the chosen typeface can be implemented on different reading platforms for optimal readability.

Typeface readability is analysed with the outset in science

Final Typ B evaluation report

Typ C

Typ C: Lecture on readability
We give lectures on typography and readability where the content is adjusted to the client’s needs. We have held everything from keynotes at conferences to meeting presentations for few people. We can meet with clients all over the world or we can give a virtual lecture.

A lecture on typefaces and readability adjusted to the client’s needs

The lecture may be of a more general nature or may consist of an evaluation of the client's typeface taken the outset in scientific knowledge.